Information about the mobile forensic committee

Information about the mobile forensic committee

The mobile forensic committee is an organization consisting of a combination of many scientific fields dedicated in an effort to unite these various sciences, while the conference on the committee of mobile forensics itself is always held regularly at different times and places. for the most recent mobile forensic conference in Barcelona and held for two days, October 29-30 2018. Not only filled by scientists and researchers from all over the world, you can also contribute to this event to get information about the mobile forensic committee Furthermore.

The event has brought together scientists from all over the world, ranging from academics, leading researchers and scientists from all over the world will exchange ideas, ideas, and discoveries and some of the problems encountered especially in the field of mobile forensics. of course all needs and matters relating to the presentation and discussion of innovations, trends and other problems have been provided in full so that the presentation can take place in accordance with what was conveyed by the resource persons.

Some information about the mobile forensic committee that you can also find on this event will certainly provide a lot of useful knowledge for you, this mobile forensic conference has collaborated with a special journal edition on mobile forensics. As for the discussion that has been raised in the mobile forensic conference, it includes multi modern science studies and information security, analysis of the development of digital forensic laboratories between legal institutions.

Overcoming challenges in collecting digital evidence, detecting malware on mobile devices by analyzing system call sequences, developing perceptual models to design data acquisition processes for wireless sensor networks, electromagnetic sensors, ontologies for digital evidence on social media, and secure cryptographic operations on sim cards for financial services, and many others.

Not only being a participant in the event, but you can also be a speaker if you meet some of the conditions given by the mobile forensic committee. some of them are like writing a paper or work in the form of a paper that contains all aspects of mobile forensics with interesting topics and has never been published before, at least there will be three experts who study your paper before you really decide whether or not to become a filler in the event.