Knowing More About the Upcoming Mobile Forensic World Conference

About the Upcoming Mobile Forensic World Conference

Knowing More About the Upcoming Mobile Forensic World Conference – The Mobile Forensic World Conference is a conference that focuses on the forensic science field. Some of the key pillars of forensic science are including such as laboratory equipment, digital forensic, forensic analytics, and the scene of the crime. The conference will be attended by the practitioners of forensic science such as government, forensic examiner, private examiner, and academic researchers. A conference is an event that can be a medium for communication with all of the people that have a contribution to the development of forensic science technology. Some of the conferences are held regionally. Some of them can be attended by all of the people from many countries.

One of the conferences that are held nationally is the 14th Annual Gang Training Conference. This conference is presented by SBOBET with the partnership by the US Attorney’s Office of the District of Maryland, American Military University and MAGLOCEN. The contents of the conference will be held about the training of the investigation process from the Regional Gang Investigators. As you probably know that investigation will be correlated with the forensic trace so that this kind of training is needed. If you are interested to join, you can register on website. However, you need to make sure that you have passed all of the criteria before registering the process. Another upcoming conference is the Techno Security and Digital Forensic Conference. This event will provide the education of the digital forensic and cybersecurity industries. The conference will be attended by the staff from the government and private sectors in order to product development and responsibilities of digital forensic and information technology security. This conference will be attended by more than 500 people with the speaker about 65 persons. In addition, this conference will be divided into 70 sections. It’s such a good opportunity to know more about the development of digital forensic and information technology security.

Another upcoming conference that is related to forensic science is The European Police. Briefly, the European Police becomes the platform of the European police at the executive level to have a discussion. In addition, the conference will be about discussion of system solutions, political decisions, specialist programs with international expert and police decision-makers. Since the work of the police also related to forensic science, this conference is needed. You may also see the exhibition of the international police systems in Europe. This conference is held annually.

The Mobile Forensic World Conference for Better Forensic Science Technology

The Mobile Forensic World Conference for Better Forensic Science Technology

The Mobile Forensic World Conference for Better Forensic Science Technology – For the people who are working in the forensic science fields, they may familiar with the mobile forensic world conference. This conference is specifically held for gaining knowledge, development, and innovation to create better forensic science technology. Well, forensic science is one of the most important things in the investigation. It can determine the real fact and show it to the people. Therefore, the development of its technology is needed. The mobile forensic world conference can be a bridge for those people who have contributed to forensic science. They can share their experience and research to spread the information.

There are many conferences about mobile forensic from all over the world. For example, you can attend InterFORENSICS. This conference is presented by the Brazilian Academy of Forensic Sciences. The InterFORENSICS will be a media of the professional to have a discussion. Some of the professional backgrounds are forensic medicine, multimedia, information technology, lab equipment, and others. The participants who can attend this conference are the practitioners from the related field such as police, judges, lawyers, researches, forensic science students, and others. The eligible participants can send their paper to the committee of InterFORENSICS so that they can present their paper at this conference. Another conference that can be attended is the Education Conference from Ontario Forensic Investigators Association. This conference has a goal to improve the capability of the investigators in the forensic identification field so that they can improve their service, especially in Ontario Province. Therefore, the conference will be about the training related to the forensic identification field. In fact, the Ontario Forensic Investigators Association also provides some pieces of training other than a conference. They do several programs in order to improve the performance of investigators especially related to the forensic science field. If you are eligible as the participants of this event, you can join this conference.

Another mobile forensic world conference is the Techno Security and Digital Forensic Conferences. This event will include the role of the digital forensic and cybersecurity industries. It will enhance the cooperation between government, federal, professionals, state, private, and researchers for the development of digital forensic and cybersecurity technology. This event also will be attended by the forensic specialist and practitioners of cybersecurity technology from all over the world. The expected participants are about 900 participants. Meanwhile, the speakers at this conference are about 95 speakers. This conference will be divided into 100 sections.

The Mobile Forensic World Conference, Event and Review

The Mobile Forensic World Conference, Event and Review

The Mobile Forensic World Conference, Event and Review – Do you ever hear about the Mobile Forensic World Conference? Well, this conference is held for the dedication to the LE Forensic Specialist from any level such as federal, state, or local. It also includes the private forensic examiner, academic researchers, the leader of the industry, and corporate forensic. Even though the mobile forensic world conference has a limited theme, but the discussion in this conference has a wide topic. Therefore, there are many places that conduct a mobile forensic conference. You can find the schedule of the Mobile Forensic World Conference on some websites.

One of the coming soon events of Mobile Forensic World Conference is Forensic Europe Expo or FEE. This event will be held in London from 19 – 21 May 2020. What are the topics of this conference? Well, the main topic of the FEE is divided into 4 main keys of the forensic field that are digital forensic, scene of the crime, forensic analytics, and laboratory equipment. It means that any people who are contributing to those 4 main key can join the conference. The Forensic Europe Expo (FEE) has been held for about 7 years. This event is a bridge between forensic solution providers and senior buyers. In addition, FEE is also a symbol of the development of forensic science in Europe. If you are interested to join the FEE, you can send the paper to the In this conference, you will see a lot of expertise in the forensic field from many countries in Europe and from any background such as government, stakeholder, a private company, and academic researchers. Another Mobile Forensic World Conference is Forensic Asia Expo.

The concepts of this conference are similar to the Forensics Europe Expo. The difference is that the scope of the nation from the conference. The Forensic Asia Expo is held for the Asia – Pacific territory. The conference is held in Asia since Asia becomes one the fastest area of the development in forensic science. There is a need to develop cost-effective technology. In addition, the Forensic Asia Expo can be a media for the industry, government, and academics to share information about forensic science.

You can also attend the NSA Winter Legislative and Technology that will be held in Washington, DC. This conference is a media for the agency, members of Congress, private companies, and academic researchers to discuss the development of technology especially in forensic science.

Steps of Mobile Forensic Process

Steps of Mobile Forensic Process

Steps of Mobile Forensic Process – User information may be digitalized nowadays; therefore, people may get other information by hacking mobile devices. The mobile devices may also be misused to spread hoax or exchange illegal information. Even people may plan a crime through mobile devices. Therefore, mobile forensic is essential.

The mobile forensic activity aims to recover the data footprint or retrieve any relevant information about a particular topic. To do the mobile forensic examination, the mobile devices, like those we use to access online games, but this time is used for crime, should be seized, isolated, stored for analysis, and kept so the evidence will not be corrupted. There are some steps in doing this mobile forensic.
• Seize the Mobile Devices
As any forensic method, the evidence should be seized. The mobile devices and any RAM or memory in it should be preserved in a specific box and the investigators should have permission from the court to take and analyze the mobile devices. Keeping the devices on may also be an essential thing to do since getting the devices shut down may alter the evidence.

The standard tools to conduct mobile forensics are the external power supply and Faraday bag/box. Investigators should have at least these two tools to jam the mobile devices. The Faraday bag or box is used to isolate the mobile devices from any communications network and to help the transportation of the evidence to the laboratory. The external power supply is needed to keep the devices on. Before putting the mobile devices inside the Faraday bag or box, don’t forget to disable network connections and also enable the aeroplane mode.

• Identification and Extraction
One important thing is that not only the device is mobile but also the data. Once files are sent to another device, the control of the data is lost. The footprint of the data may be still in the device, but the real data may be in another device. It is worsened by the existence of cloud that can synchronize data to and from other devices and at the same time organize the data from one particular device. This fact also makes the investigators find some difficulties in collecting information properly. Not only that, there may be too many protocols that investigators should follow to collect or retrieve the data. The solution for this problem is by making the SIM card replica to be used in the analysis process while the original one remains intact in the mobile devices. After that, the investigators can move to the process of examination and analysis by using any devices that they have.

The process of mobile forensic may look easy but there are many steps and protocols that investigators should follow since it is also a piece of evidence from a crime scene. Let’s hope that this kind of study will be developed well so that the criminal cases can be solved quickly.

Benefits of Joining in Mobile Forensic World 2019

Benefits of Joining in Mobile Forensic World 2019

For the closest Mobile Forensic seminar the seminar plan will be held on the 5th and 6th March of the upcoming 2019. In the Mobile Forensic seminar there will be a lot of discussion and introduction of various kinds of information relating to Mobile Forensics so that there will be lots of new information and new plans that can be obtained by joining this Mobile Forensic seminar.

So the first advantage is to raise awareness about the surroundings and technological developments that are developing a lot now. By knowing all information about Mobile Forensic, it will also be known the various kinds of benefits and what we can use.

We can find out a new world that is rarely seen by others. With this we add a vast new world and also widen the world and what is not less important can add to our experience and understanding. As human beings who must continue to develop we are obliged to try various new things as long as they have a positive impact. Trying new things also improves mentality and trains us to train mentally by mingling with new people and environments. We are forced to inevitably face and also be absorbed by a variety of new knowledge that we have never heard before.

Meeting new people and listening to all opinions and their perspectives will make us broader and our views open. Then there are many other benefits that you can get by going to visit and join. There are a number of charts and sessions related to Mobile Forensics come and enliven this Mobile Forensic World 2019 event. Like the various Law Enforcements, Digital Forensic, which have recently gotten more attention.

This is one of the effects of the rapid development of technology, especially in the digital section. The Forensic Digital Team came as an investigative team in the field of digital forensics, cyber security, digital expert witnesses, law enforcement, government agencies, and many more under the umbrella teams. The name Digital Forensic. Now all things can be done digitally, including in the forensic field. Then also came from the field of Laboratories which came from the forensic testing team, forensic researchers. Lab managers, biologists and also from the Toxiclogist team or researchers in the fields of drugs and poisons.

Even present from the university who came from the pre-educator team such as lecturers, educated students, heads of each department, to the research team, there will be many more who come and can be excavated by their knowledge and invited to share.

The importance of holding a mobile forensic conference

The importance

The mobile forensic conference officially took place from 29 to 30 October 2018 ago, the event which involved many participants from all over the world has also run successfully and has become a routine agenda that is always held by the international mobile forensic committee. This conference is not without clear objectives.

For several purposes The importance of holding mobile forensic conferences has been felt rightly for the scientific world and its development in the future, this is because the mobile forensic conference itself is a gathering place for academic scientists, researchers and experts from around the world to exchange and share their experiences and research results regarding all aspects of mobile forensics.

Not only that, this mobile forensic conference can also be a new bridge for everyone to be able to directly contribute to being ordinary participants and resource persons through various selection, of course there will be more people who will join the mobile forensic committee international later, this can be proven through a number of new names that made it into the list of fillers.

Some people who made it through the selection and were finally able to give presentations at this event, such as Alexander Yushcenko for a paper on modern synergistic multi-science war studies and information security component, Turan Erdogan for his paper that discussed evidence-based practices for oral care in children, Jorge Maestre – Ana Lucila – Luis Javier, which discusses malware detection on mobile devices by analyzing system call sequences.

And there are many others. there were at least 15 papers that made it through the three-stage selection process and finally it could be presented at the mobile forensic conference in Barcelona last March. So in broad outline, this mobile forensic conference is very important to continue to be held every year because in addition to focusing on the world of mobile forensics, this event is also one of the drivers for the continued advancement of the world of science, engineering and technology academies that should continue to grow to meet the needs and the advancement of science especially in terms of this mobile forensic.