Mobile Forensic World 2019 Seminars

Mobile Forensic World 2019 Seminars

Now the use of sophisticated equipment such as Mobile Forensics has been in great demand so that more and more people have an interest and curiosity in managing what Mobile Forensic is. Do not choose to use the Mobile model and not others.

So that many seminars are now being held as a place of introduction and knowing more by meeting with fellow Forensic fans from and experts or those who are highly qualified in the Mobile Forensic field.

Mobile Forensic World 2019 Seminars

For the nearest schedule, the procurement of Mobile forensic World is on March 5, 2019 and March 6, 2019 in the headline of the Forensic Europe Expo. The schedule has now come out along with some agenda items to be implemented such as on the upcoming March 5, 2019. The theme raised is by using one device that can run levers together or multifunction. Both the process of forensic and scientifically and in the field of ordinary science.

Speakers for the theme above will be conducted by David Spreadborough who came from the CFVA section International Trainer is included in Amped Software – Amped Software. This event will begin at 09.30 local time.

Then the seminar will also be continued with another agenda such as the speaker who raised the theme of Forensic Drone, a first and fastest effort to deal with threats that arise and also how to overcome if the prevention movement does not work well. With plans to fly various types of drones in various regions of the world that are expected to help reduce the potential for damage.

Problems that occur implicate the airline system and also start airing them, and also other problems that coexist and can be overcome by using drone technology. For the speaker on this theme is Tanya Pankova, the Marketing Manager who is part of the Oxygen Forensics team. Planned for talks and the presentation of this theme was enlarged at 09:55 local time.

Next is around 10:20 local time, discussing the reasons why the Thermal Energy Analyzer or commonly abbreviated as TEA is still an option for materials. The outline briefly explains the reason why this Thermal Energy Analyzer or TEA fits perfectly with the type of analysis relating to the use of nitrogen which is likely to become an explosive.

This SGC or TEA is still used as a routine forensic work carried out routinely in the laboratory. The special speaker of this theme invited Mark Landon, who has a position as Technical Director of Ellutia Events, to continue with the schedule and also a seminar speaker related to Mobile Forensic Service.

Where is the Mobile Forensic World Conference 2019 held

Mobile Forensic World Conference 2019

Since six years ago, the Mobile Forensic World Conference has been held regularly. Following its previous success, the Mobile Forensic World Conference 2019 is back on its seventh agenda. This event is held on a move and is attended by a variety of people who come from various types of groups. Even in this event in the future it is estimated that there will be an increase in the number of new residents by 43% of the increase.

Mobile Forensic World Conference 2019

More than 1500 professional forensic researchers are involved in this event because there will be many who are from various circles such as the military, laboratories, universities consisting of various kinds of lecturers and heads of departments and various departments, researchers to students. Nor do the military and legal institutions also want to be enlivened and contribute their knowledge and knowledge to the 2019 Mobile world Forensic Conference.

This seventh event will be held for the first time on the high floor with the show floor and also the Security & Counter Terror Expo in Olympia, London. As part of the UK Security Week, this event will be linked to the industry supplier chain event and help fulfill all necessary requirements.

In this event not only accommodates meetings by and talks but also exhibits of great goods that for 2019 will be provided a total of more than 100 newest and innovative types of products. Here science lovers or those involved in the field of science will feel like they are in surge by providing a variety of facilities to find and develop the information and knowledge they have.

The previous event which has been held has always been a success, for the 2019 Mobile Forensic World Conference event, it will get even more attention and increase in energy, which is predicted to rise this year.

Around 160 conference delegates will demonstrate each other’s skills, more than 80 exhibitions, and more than 71 VIP delegates who join will make this conference more interesting and exciting. Every year the Mobile Forensic World Conference experiences an increase and is offset by the increase in the quality it possesses so that it attracts interest and it also opens the horizon for those who are still lay in the fields of industry, science and technology, especially in Mobile Forensic.

Then it will impact on the awareness to observe and be concerned about the problems that occur around those related to forensic. Learning to develop a way of thinking critically in finding the solutions needed. With this more and more years, it will increasingly experience an improved increase.