The Mobile Forensic World Conference, Event and Review

The Mobile Forensic World Conference, Event and Review

The Mobile Forensic World Conference, Event and Review – Do you ever hear about the Mobile Forensic World Conference? Well, this conference is held for the dedication to the LE Forensic Specialist from any level such as federal, state, or local. It also includes the private forensic examiner, academic researchers, the leader of the industry, and corporate forensic. Even though the mobile forensic world conference has a limited theme, but the discussion in this conference has a wide topic. Therefore, there are many places that conduct a mobile forensic conference. You can find the schedule of the Mobile Forensic World Conference on some websites.

One of the coming soon events of Mobile Forensic World Conference is Forensic Europe Expo or FEE. This event will be held in London from 19 – 21 May 2020. What are the topics of this conference? Well, the main topic of the FEE is divided into 4 main keys of the forensic field that are digital forensic, scene of the crime, forensic analytics, and laboratory equipment. It means that any people who are contributing to those 4 main key can join the conference. The Forensic Europe Expo (FEE) has been held for about 7 years. This event is a bridge between forensic solution providers and senior buyers. In addition, FEE is also a symbol of the development of forensic science in Europe. If you are interested to join the FEE, you can send the paper to the In this conference, you will see a lot of expertise in the forensic field from many countries in Europe and from any background such as government, stakeholder, a private company, and academic researchers. Another Mobile Forensic World Conference is Forensic Asia Expo.

The concepts of this conference are similar to the Forensics Europe Expo. The difference is that the scope of the nation from the conference. The Forensic Asia Expo is held for the Asia – Pacific territory. The conference is held in Asia since Asia becomes one the fastest area of the development in forensic science. There is a need to develop cost-effective technology. In addition, the Forensic Asia Expo can be a media for the industry, government, and academics to share information about forensic science.

You can also attend the NSA Winter Legislative and Technology that will be held in Washington, DC. This conference is a media for the agency, members of Congress, private companies, and academic researchers to discuss the development of technology especially in forensic science.

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