Knowledge that can be obtained from the world mobile forensic conference

Knowledge that can be obtained from the world mobile forensic conference

Lasting for two days, the world mobile forensic conference has succeeded in becoming the biggest event to gather so many people who are experts in their respective fields. This mobile forensic conference was attended by various groups ranging from experts, scientists, and researchers spread from all over the world, indeed it has become a routine agenda that was held at a different place and time.

The initial goal of holding the mobile forensic conference itself is to gather people from each of the different departments of science, of course, the main topics discussed are about Mobile Forensics, an organization consisting of many scientists who are expected to always be able to provide new solutions and discoveries for innovation in the future forensic mobile. The knowledge that can be obtained from the world mobile forensic conference is certainly very diverse, such as the development of the world academy of science, engineering and technology with all the scientific research presented.

Not only can you come as a participant in this world conference for mobile forensics, but you can also contribute directly to being a resource person who will give your presentation to other participants and certainly also scientists and researchers from all over the world who are present in the event. The world mobile forensic conference held in Barcelona on the 29th to 30th of October 2018 discussed quite a number of issues and problems that are developing in the mobile forensic world today.

This international conference for mobile forensics will not only bring together scientists in academia, leading researchers and experts from around the world, the event will also be a bridge for you to be able to exchange ideas and share your experiences and research results for all aspects related to mobile forensics . You as a resource person will get full support in the form of teaching aids and some preparations for your presentation prepared by the organizing committee, the discussion on innovations, trends and current issues faced in each presentation will be fully supported.

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