October 25 - 26, 2010


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The Techno Forensics & Digital Investigations Conference is founded on the
principles of standardization in the field of digital evidence investigation. The conference will cover many of the general disciplines in the areas of digital evidence investigation to include some of the latest information on software and hardware solutions.

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The conference will take place at NIST headquarters:

National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
100 Bureau Drive
Administration Bldg. 101
Gaithersburg, MD 20899

Unlike other forensic conferences that are limited to law enforcement only or are vendor specific in nature, this conference will be open to everyone currently involved in computer forensics, digital evidence, or anyone having an interest in these rapidly growing fields.

Conference agenda topics will cover a range of the digital disciplines which include: Fundamentals of acquisitions, Terabyte storage and preparing for it, Building a forensics lab, fly away kits, black bag forensics, e-discovery and special instructor lead focused classes on Basics of FAT, NTFS, macintosh, and linux file systems and dealing with their data. Other areas covered are intrusion detection, network level forensics, and cellular, handheld, and wireless forensics. Digital law and evidence handing will also be covered in break out sessions.

Our Techno conferences have become known as a world class training and networking events now having had attendees register from 40 different countries. We are now on the GSA schedule. Just enter Techno Forensics when you go to the GSA Advantage website.

Disclaimer: The TrainingCo.,LLC is an independent third party and does not endorse or make any claims or representations regarding the content, instructors or certifications being provided by the companies producing the training and certifications.  All the pre and post conference training courses referenced below are the sole property of the respective company and is not part of TheTrainingCo., LLC, the Techno Security or Techno Forensic Conferences.   All people wishing to attend any of the courses listed below must do so on the respective training site using the hyperlinks contained in the listing. 

The Techno Forensics & Digital Investigations Conference will include several new pre-conference training classes. The ability to take these popular training classes in conjunction with our annual conference makes Techno Forensics a first-choice event as you plan your yearly training budget.

BONUS: Register for any of the classes shown below and you will receive a FREE VIP PASS to the 2010 Forensics & Digital Investigations Conference.

Pre-Conference Events
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Dates: October 22-23, 2010

Real World Security: Attack, Defend, and Repel

Take the Real World Security class from Peak Security and get a free iPad, complementary VIP conference pass to TechnoForensics 2010, and a jump start on RWSP certification.
An intensive 2 day course/exercise for the security professional that wants to up the ante on their current skill sets in offensive and defensive security. Learn new tactics and receive guidance from expert instructors while you test yourself in a team vs team environment. Hands on and technical.  “Real World Security: Attack, Defend, & Repel” is a complete 2 day simulation that will not only test your existing skills, but provide you with a real life scenario where you can learn valuable new skills. Whether you work in incident response, active detection and defense, security evaluations, or penetration testing; this course will give you that incredibly rare opportunity to put it all to the test, and learn BOTH sides of the house. The class will be split into two halves, attackers and defenders. On the second day, those two teams will trade sides, allowing every student the opportunity to learn both sides and work with all instructors. This exercise will contain elements of the following:

  • Active Defense Techniques
  • Active Incident Response
  • Intrusion Detection/Prevention
  • Log Analysis
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Vulnerability Identification/scanning
  • Penetration Testing

Successful completion of this class and the knowledge metric completes 2 of the 3 requirements for Real World Security Practitioner (RWSP) certification.


Contact Peak Security at training@peaksec.com to start the registration process. 

Additional information available at www.peaksec.com.



















Dates: October 22-23, 2010, Gaithersburg, MD

Advanced Penetration Testing: Pentesting High Security Environments by LearnSecurityOnline

Advanced Penetration Testing (APT): Pentesting High Security Environments course is a two-day intensive that focuses attacking and defending highly secured environments such as 3-letter agencies, DoD, financial organizations, federal organizations, and large companies.

This is NOT your normal Ethical Hacking, Pentesting, or Red Team course. You won't be attacking unpatched Windows 2000 Servers, and you won't be learning a bunch of outdated tools like most Ethical Hacking courses.

In APT, you will be learning how to attack new operating systems such as Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, and the latest Linux servers. All of these servers will be patched, and hardened. Both Network and Host-based Intrusion Detection/Preventions systems (IDS/IPS) will be in place as well.

You can read the entire workshop syllabus and purchase the workshop online at:


You can contact the workshop instructor at:

Toll Free:      1-866-892-2132
Email:          joe@learnsecurityonline.com
LinkedIn:    http://www.linkedin.com/in/joemccray
Twitter:      http://twitter.com/j0emccray
Website:    http://www.learnsecurityonline.com/offerings/courses


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