October 26 - 28, 2009


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The Techno Forensics & Digital Investigations Conference is founded on the
principles of standardization in the field of digital evidence investigation. The conference will cover many of the general disciplines in the areas of digital evidence investigation to include some of the latest information on software and hardware solutions.


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The conference will take place at NIST headquarters:

National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
100 Bureau Drive
Administration Bldg. 101
Gaithersburg, MD 20899

Unlike other forensic conferences that are limited to law enforcement only or are vendor specific in nature, this conference will be open to everyone currently involved in computer forensics, digital evidence, or anyone having an interest in these rapidly growing fields.

Conference agenda topics will cover a range of the digital disciplines which include: Fundamentals of acquisitions, Terabyte storage and preparing for it, Building a forensics lab, fly away kits, black bag forensics, e-discovery and special instructor lead focused classes on Basics of FAT, NTFS, macintosh, and linux file systems and dealing with their data. Other areas covered are intrusion detection, network level forensics, and cellular, handheld, and wireless forensics. Digital law and evidence handing will also be covered in break out sessions.

Our Techno conferences have become known as a world class training and networking events now having had attendees register from 40 different countries. We are now on the GSA schedule. Just enter Techno Forensics when you go to the GSA Advantage website.


Disclaimer: The TrainingCo.,LLC is an independent third party and does not endorse or make any claims or representations regarding the content, instructors or certifications being provided by the companies producing the training and certifications.  All the pre and post conference training courses referenced below are the sole property of the respective company and is not part of TheTrainingCo., LLC, the Techno Security or Techno Forensic Conferences.   All people wishing to attend any of the courses listed below must do so on the respective training site using the hyperlinks contained in the listing. 

The Techno Forensics & Digital Investigations Conference will include several new pre-conference training classes. The ability to take these popular training classes in conjunction with our annual conference makes Techno Forensics a first-choice event as you plan your yearly training budget.

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October 21-23, 2009
Information Security Assessment Methodology (ISAM) presented by Security Horizon, Inc

Course Description: The ISAM is an updated and improved 3-day version of the popular INFOSEC Assessment Methodology (IAM) and INFOSEC Evaluation Methodology (IEM). The ISAM is a detailed and systematic way of examining cyber vulnerabilities and was developed by experienced assessors from government and industry. In addition to assisting the governmental and private sectors, an important result of supplying baseline standards for information security assessments is fostering a commitment to improve the organizations’ security posture. The ISAM is a hands-on methodology for conducting comprehensive assessments of customer networks utilizing common technical evaluation tools.

October 22, 2009
Zombies and Botnets: Setup – Investigate - Shutdown presented by WetStone Technologies

Course Description:
WetStone has created this one-day advanced module to their Hacking Bootcamp focusing exclusively on Zombies and Botnets. Students will have unique access to our “hands-on” interactive learning environment. Students will work   together to establish a complex Botnet environment and practice investigative methods/techniques to collect criminal information. Each student will learn how to shutdown and isolate Botnet operators and individual Zombies in order to limit or preempt the damage they can cause.

October 23-24, 2009
Hacking BootCamp: Exploits and Live Incident Investigation presented by WetStone Technologies

Course Description:
WetStone has engineered a two-day immersion format for this 3 day class. Class time will run from 8:00AM to 6:00PM. The most effective approach to get in the mind of cyber criminals to utilize their tools and techniques in a hands-on environment. This is an interactive lab environment that allows each student to experience real investigative scenarios in a cyber safe environment. WetStone’s multi-pronged approach to this BootCamp allows each student to utilize the latest tools and technologies used by today’s criminals, and to practice the requisite live approach to investigation. This learning environment is the most effective approach to acquiring deep knowledge regarding both the latest threats and to practice in live investigation techniques and methodologies.

October 23-24, 2009
Holistic Information Security Practitioner (HISP) Mapping Modules:  two courses presented by eFortresses

HISP Commercial Course Description:
The HISP Commercial Track Mapping Module covers the mapping of ISO/IEC 27002:2005 with COBIT, COSO and ITIL then explains a methodology to map regulations such as UK Data Protection Act, EU Directive on Privacy, Basel II, HIPAA Security, FFIEC, GLB Act, Sarbanes-Oxley Act (Security), FACT Act, PCI Data Security (Visa CISP),   California SB-1386, Canadian Bill C-198, OSFI, PIPEDA, PIPA, PHIPA to the ISO 27002:2005 framework.

HISP Government Course Description: The HISP Government Track Mapping Module covers the mapping of ISO/IEC 27002:2005 with FISMA requirements through NIST 800-53.


Classes range from October 24-25, 2009 and October 28-30, 2009
Courses presented by Katalyst/Cenzic has three great class offerings for our conference.

Course Descriptions:

Oct 24, 2009
Hacking Immersion – Advanced Course on Web App Security presented by Cenzic and Katalyst Strategies

Course Description:  This advanced, 1 day class is for experienced Information Security professionals who want to learn about the most powerful Web application security exploits in detail, including Cross-Site Scripting, SQL Injection, Privilege Escalation, etc.  The class also includes hands-on lab exercises to teach students how to exploit a variety of Web application vulnerabilities and additional homework exercises to further hone their skills.


Oct 25, 2009
Hacking Demystified – Advanced Techniques on How Hackers Attack Websites presented by Cenzic and Katalyst Strategies

Course Description:  This advanced, 1 day class is for experienced Information Security professionals who are looking for expert guidance on how to build an in-house application security assessment program and how to incorporate security into their QA process.  The class covers the most common security weaknesses found in Web applications and how to detect and exploit these vulnerabilities – just like a hacker.

Oct 28 - 30, 2009
Defending your Domain:  Hands-On Ways to Avoid Being Hacked presented by Cenzic and Katalyst Strategies

Course Description:  This advanced, 3 day course is designed to teach Web application developers and architects how to build applications with world-class security.  QA engineers, IT security analysts, and IT risk managers can also benefit from this course.  Every major aspect of application security is covered, and each module includes both design and coding advice.  Hands-on labs are provided to help students master the concepts in a highly interactive setting


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