June 2 - 5, 2013
Celle Brite


Mobile Forensice World

The Mobile Forensics World is specifically dedicated to Federal, State and Local LE Forensic Specialists, Corporate and Private Forensic Examiners, Industry Leaders, and Academic Researchers performing Mobile Device Forensics!

With topics such as Mobile Device Forensics (Cell Phone, PDA, Smart Phone, Satellite Phone, GPS), Advanced Techniques of Mobile Forensics, SIM/USIM Card Analysis, TDMA/CDMA/GSM/iDEN Handset Analysis, Cell Site Analysis, Call Data Record Analysis, Mobile Forensics Applications, and Mobile Forensics Research this event promises to be a perfect start to a ongoing relationship for many members of this great community.

This years Mobile Forensics World Conference, Hosted by Cellebrite, will be held June 2-5, 2012 at the Marriott Resort at Grande Dunes in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and will feature the top names, vendors, presentations and training in the Mobile Forensics community.

Visit www.MobileForensicsConference.com or call 410.703.0332 for more information about attending or exhibiting.


Techno Security 2013 will include several new bonus sessions as well as our popular pre-conference events and post-conference events. The ability to take these popular training classes in conjunction with our annual sellout conference makes Techno Security a first-choice event as you plan your yearly training budget.

BONUS: When you register for select classes shown below, you can receive a FREE VIP PASS to the 2013 Techno Security Conference.

Pre-Conference Events
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Cellebrite’s 3-Day Ultimate Certification Course

Date: May 31 - Jun 2

Cellebrite’s 3-Day Ultimate Certification Course focuses on the functionality of the UFED Touch Ultimate solution (Logical / Physical).  This course provides the best practices for seizing and handling mobile devices as well as covers the forensic process of Acquisitions, Analysis, and Reporting utilizing the latest hardware and software from Cellebrite’s UFED Touch Ultimate

Day One & Two includes:

  • Identification of Mobile Devices
  • Search and Seizure of Mobile Devices
  • UFED Touch Logical Overview
  • Custom Configuration of UFED Touch
  • Logical Extractions
  • File System Extractions
  • Password Extractions
  • SIM Extractions / SIM ID Cloning
  • UFED Logical Analyzer
  • Advanced Searching with Logical Analyzer
  • Reporting
  • UFED Certification Test

Day Two & Three includes:

  • Overview of Flash Media and Storage Devices
  • Physical Analyzer Install and Registration
  • Overview of Physical Analyzer
  • Custom Configuration of Physical Analyzer
  • Physical Extraction Process (iPhone, Blackberry, Android)
  • Advanced Searching Techniques
  • Timeline - Data Carving - Pattern Analysis - Keyword Searches
  • Malware Analysis & Project Analytics 
  • Verification and Validation of Findings
  • Malware Scanner
  • Project Analytics
  • Physical Analyzer Reader
  • Reporting
  • Link Analysis

Physical Analyzer Certification

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Date: May 30-31, 2013

8am-5pm. Light breakfast, refreshments and lunch provided
$999 Techno Security Only (limited seating available so register now)

Nuix Investigation Specialist courses

provide two days of specialized workflow training, during which you will complete an investigative project, from ingestion of unstructured data to delivering the final data.

During the course we will examine different data types for ingestion. We will also explore a number of ingestion settings to maintain chain of custody while ensuring quick access to ingested results. The course also covers in-depth analysis of data in response to several different investigative outcomes, and carving data to prove or disprove a point in question.

You will explore different reporting techniques to suit different business deliverables, including enabling in situ review for key stakeholders. 
Finally, you will explore options for exporting data, including eDiscovery outcomes, so you can exchange the data with other parties or use it in court presentations. You will also take home working templates and scripts to help you customize similar tasks in your work environment.


This course is designed for investigative practitioners. It is suitable for new Nuix users and seasoned users who would like to get more from their 
company’s Nuix investment.


At the end of this course all participants will be able to:

  • Recognize and manage ingestion settings depending on source data
  • Manage data while maintaining chain of custody
  • Effectively QA processed data to identify data issues before they cause problems downstream
  • Conduct a full email analysis
  • Conduct an internet history analysis including link file and pre-fetch data
  • Analyze phone data and instant messaging artifacts
  • Analyze a Windows registry
  • Conduct image-based investigations, in particular skin tone analysis
  • Analyze unallocated clusters for hidden information
  • Use advanced analytics to provide context to documents for further analysis tasks
  • Create reports and export the resulting data
  • Troubleshoot simple configuration issues and errors.


Participants should have previously completed the Nuix Fundamentals course (or equivalent) and have at least three months experience using Nuix.

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Q/EH® Qualified/ Ethical Hacker
ULTIMATE Ethical Hacking Certification Exam and Class

May 29-June 1, 2013

Use your GI BIll for class and get the conference included in the class fee!  

The ULTIMATE Ethical Hacking "Hands-on" Tactical Security skills training is what you want to achieve secure networks and secure information - learning how to hack and secure networks in today's world is about staying ahead of the hackers and knowing how to block the attacks.

This Intense 4 day Q/EH® Qualified/ Ethical Hacker class provides you with basic understanding of the hacking skills and tools required to determine potential security weakness in your organization. This class is your next class after Security+ and before CISSP®. Be ready for SERIOUS tactical hands-on labs with advanced Ethical Hacker skills learning how to defend networks from cyber attack. Step up to Qualified with the Q/EH® Certification.


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Post-Conference Events
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Cellebrite Certified CHINEX Training for the UFED Ultimate


Wednesday, June 5, 2013 (1:30PM-5:30PM)
Thursday, June 6, 2013 (9:00AM-5:30PM)


Cellebrite's UFED CHINEX is a solution for both the UFED Logical and Physical extraction process; the decoding of evidentiary data; and passwords from phones manufactured with Chinese and Taiwan chipsets such as the MTK and Spreadtrum.

The UFED CHINEX is available as an add-on to the UFED Touch Ultimate and UFED Classic Ultimate solutions. This enhancing mobile forensic tool will broaden your investigation capabilities and provide access to possible evidence.

Who Should Attend

This course is ideal for practicing cell phone/computer forensic technicians/investigators who have attended the UFED Ultimate training class or an equivalent training program.

Course Details

This certified training course will enhance the participant’s knowledge and practical experience to respond to the growing challenges of Chinese Chips sets and devices that are not supported by mobile forensic automated solutions.

Participants will gain practical hands on experience using more in-depth techniques and tools to extract data at a logical and physical level.  This will enhance their ability to retrieve truly deleted data, either totally or partial fragments of key evidence from suspect devices. 

Participants will also increase their knowledge of how to use the CHINEX tool in accordance within the guidelines of best practice as governed by the DOJ (US) or ACPO (UK) Guidelines.

Learning Experience

  • Learn Forensically sound methods
  • The analysis and recovery of security codes
  • Perform hex dumps of the handset memory of mobile phones when automated devices fail
  • Physical extraction and decoding amongst a vast range of phones with Chinese chipsets
  • Extraction is based on Cellebrite's proprietary boot loaders, ensuring a forensically sound process
  • Advanced decoding and analysis with the UFED Physical Analyzer application: Call logs, SMS, MMS, video, images, deleted data, GPS fixes and much more
  • Ability to bypass user lock code from these devices and decode the user lock from the extraction within UFED Physical Analyzer
  • Deleted data extraction and carving
  • How to find and extract User passwords
  • Creating a coherent and meaningful report for none technical and legal professionals to understand


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Introduction to Programming for Mobile Forensics

June 5 - 7

Despite the best efforts of existing mobile forensics solutions, they’re unable to support every mobile device (thousands) and every app (over a million). Eventually (if it hasn’t happened already), the data critical to your examination will be passed over by your existing tools. Don’t let it happen! If you’re lucky, you’ve found the data…but now what? Manually parsing out hundreds or thousands of SMS can be a very time consuming challenge.

They say there is no one tool that can do everything during a forensic examination. The solution? Learn to create your own tools!

This course is broken into three major parts:

- Analysis of Data Structures
- Introduction to Programming with Python Python
- Programming for Mobile Forensics

This course is very “hands on” and includes numerous practical exercises. While this course will focus on data obtained from mobile devices, the skills learned will be very similar for working with any type of data (e.g., computer instant messenger logs, etc.). Course Requirements: Students will need to bring a computer capable of running Windows XP or higher. This course will require a significant amount of typing, and students should be comfortable typing at an average speed. While no programming experience is required, this is an intermediate to advanced course. If you have any questions, please contact Teel Technologies.


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